Atlas Hand Stands With Lovelies
Charles Atlas® - With the assistance of two beautiful models in New York City, Charles Atlas is filmed by news reporters doing a perfect handstand.

Hand Stand
Amaze Your Friends and Get the Girls' ATTENTION! How to Do Perfect Handstands.
Wouldn't it be great to become one of those fellows who can do a perfect hand stand and hold it for as long as they wish? Girls and fellows gather around to watch and admire.

This compact course shows you how to do a beginning handstand, plus it shows you the one extra tip that insures perfect control at all times!

You'll learn the one-arm stand! Only expert gymnasts can do it! Once you learn the Atlas® 3-part system, it will come easy to you everytime!

Of course, many men can do a wobbly handstand for a few seconds - and then come tumbling down in an embarrassed heap. But I'll show you how to do one that you can hold for a long time - even lowering yourself so that your chin touches the ground and then raising your body back to the regular handstand position. Soon you'll be able to walk on your hands . . . and then you'll want to do tumbles, flips and other tricks of professional gymnasts.

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