This practical course shows how wrestlers turn their bodies into superb, finely trained weapons - and how you can use their tricks to protect yourself from danger. Wrestling lessons would cost you many dollars in a professional gym, but we are offering these secrets FREE only when you purchase the "Dynamic-Tension®" muscle and bodybuilding system.

Leg Hold
"Leg Hold and Hammer Lock" One movement and opponent is flat on his back, helplessly in your power.


  • Arm & Leg Hold
  • Toe & Ankle Hold
  • Arm & Toe Hold
  • Grapevine Hold
  • Scissors Hold
  • Half Nelson
  • Half Nelson & Leg Grapevine
  • Nelson Variation
  • Quarter Nelson & Crotch Hold
  • Throw Over Shoulders
  • Trip Arm Hold
  • Crotch Hold
  • Block for Body Lifts
  • The Barlock
  • Side Roll Arm Lock
  • Leg Hold & Hammer Lock
  • Half Nelson with Arm & Leg Hold
  • The Full Nelson
  • Breaking the Full Nelson
  • Arm & Neck Hold

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