1953 Mr. World - an Atlas Man through and through.


Tom Manfre

Tom Manfre with his Championship Atlas Trophy!

Tom Manfre

Tom Manfre winning the Mr. World Contest. He was trained by Atlas!

Tom Manfre

Tom Manfre - an Atlas man for over 50 years and still going strong!

What has Charles Atlas done for me? Well, where do I start? I remember when I was young, I wanted to do anything and everything. I still do. What can I say? I was always physical, and one day, I was turning the pages of a comic book and saw the famous `The Insult That Made A Man Out Of Mac!" cartoon. I thought, "Wow!, this I can relate to." Here was this skinny, scrawny kid named Mac who had sand kicked in his face by a big bully. Mac then decides to use the Charles Atlas `Dynamic-Tension´ course to make himself bigger. He comes back, beats the bully up and wins the girl. I was shocked. Could this possibly be true?

Well, I had to find out for myself. Not to say I was exactly like Mac, but I was fairly skinny. I ordered the course, followed it faithfully every day for 6 months. I decided to mail in photos of myself after I had taken the course and was elated to find out I had won the Atlas Championship Trophy.

Manfre TodayIt was at this time that I was invited to meet Charles Atlas himself. I was excited and nervous. Here was my boyhood idol, Charles Atlas. Well, from that moment on, Charles and I became instant family. I mean, he and I were like father and son. Charlie even pushed me to enter tournaments. I won Mr. World 1953, and many other titles after that. I didn´t stop there. I even starred in movies!

Well, that is my story. Did I love the guy? You bet I did. Atlas will always hold a place in my heart. He gave me my start, helped build me up physically, mentally and spiritually. I owe a lot to Mr. Atlas. Today, I haven´t slowed down. Hey, you seniors out there, get your spandex cleaned. Tom Manfre. Take care and as always,

Yours in Everlasting Health and Strength,

Tom Manfre