Bit of soreness...

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Bit of soreness...

Post by Hux » Tue Sep 08, 2009 3:12 am

So, I stopped doing my exercise fore abbout a month. I know, I know, but my work schedule got very busy and quite erratic, so I wasn't able to get steady time for sleep let alone exercise (although I still did my walking since I walk to work). Anyway, long story short, I recently restarted DT. Since I'd been away from it for awhile I decided to do the entire course over again. My first day was great, I fell right back into it. I didn't go quite as hard as I used too, but still much more than I would've when I started in the first place. Days two and three however were absolute disasters. I was so sore, I could barely do what I started with. My arms kept giving out when I did the dips, and my other exercises suffered as well. I don't remember being this sore when I started the program. Did I do something wrong? Should I rest a few days before I start again, or should I just try to work through the soreness?

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Re: Bit of soreness...

Post by ca_admin » Tue Sep 08, 2009 12:06 pm

It sounds like you were doing too much to begin with. Start back going slower. Let's say you were doing 20 dips, do half. Same goes for the rest of the exercises and build yourself up to 20. If you are still sore we would suggest going to see your Doctor. Show them what you are doing and let them tell you why you are so sore. It is very difficult to know what is going on because we are not there with you and can't see what you are doing. If you keep having the same problems within the next week make an appointment and go and definitly see your Doctor. Keep us posted on what they say and how you are doing. Thanks! Forum Admin


Re: Bit of soreness...

Post by geosta » Sat Oct 17, 2009 2:45 pm

Hi Haux,
I was in the same situation some time ago. I was so eager to start training again that the first day I really overtrain myself.

I think that the situation with all of us who have worked out in the past and stopped for some time is that although we have retain a big part of our strength, our muscles have forgot how to stretch and train. So, even if we can make more dips than a newcommer, our muscles are not ready to recover from them.

I remember back then that I was so much in pain that I was lying in the couch watching tv and I couldn't ever stretch my hand to reach the remote control without concinderable effort to ignore the agony.

Two things that can really help you recover faster are:

1. The recovery instructions in Lesson 6 (relax, shake the muscles, massage the muscles, etc) and
2. The streching excersises from Lesson 12

Doing the above in combination with eating a lot of protein it's the best way to a fast recovery.

And remember, always go slow when you start trainning again. The purpose of the first 3-4 workouts are to remind your body how to train. Go really slow. Even if you can do 20 or 30 dips, go for 5 the first day, then 8, then 10, 12 and so on. There is no hurry.

We have a saying here in Greece: "I'm walking slowly because I am in a hurry".

Health and Strength to all

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