The gift of self discpline

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Wildman Dave
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The gift of self discpline

Post by Wildman Dave » Tue Jul 14, 2009 1:30 pm

I have noticed that in America it is popular to avoid anything that is difficult or that requires dedication and discpline to do. It seems that everyone wants to take the easy road to wealth and happiness. I see lots of infomericals that promise you everything under the sun, fitness, wealth, real estate, or whatever the current fad is with little or no effort. I tell my wife I have to laugh when I see these excerise informericals that have some device you sit in for 5 minutes with little effort that will have you looking like Charles Atlas did! The models they have demonstrating those things were probably working out with weights right before they went on camera, so of course it looks as if those things work! I think that every young man should be presented with a copy of the Charles Atlas Course when he is in his early teens by an older male family member. It would help develop self discpline which there seems to be far to little of now a days, and at the same time improve health and well being. Young men would need to put down their game contorllers,cell phones, lap top computers and work on physcial fitness. The self discpline they develop would help them with their education, career and adult life and they would realize that their is no magic free ride, no pill or powder, or device that will transform your body through little or no effort. They would see that sucess comes from hard work and dedication and not looking for the easy way, because in reality the easy way is the surest way to failure.

william s
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Re: The gift of self discpline

Post by william s » Fri Jul 17, 2009 10:20 am

I couldnt agree more. The Atlas Course has given me the tools to make positive changes in my own life. I got rid of my cable about six months ago and dont miss it a bit. I now have time to exercise every day, fix all my meals at home, which are a lot better than what you find out in the fast food world, and do home improvements that have been on the back burner for years. I am full of energy and feel better than i have felt in 20 years. The commercials and advertisements promise to make us all supermen and women that will live forever in perfect health with perfect bodies if we only take their magic formula for $39.99 a month. I have been working hard with the Atlas course and am showing progress both physically and mentally. You are right there is no easy way only a smart way to live.

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Re: The gift of self discpline

Post by emfermi » Mon Jul 20, 2009 2:51 pm

Not only in America, but also here down in Peru the "no effort" fad has striken pretty bad. I think somewhere in time we as a society have forgotten that "Effort is Beautiful". If we get something practically for free, we do not experience the satisfaction that goes with accomplishing our goals or the work at hand. Without it, live seems dull and unexciting. Without a challenge, creativity is anhilated. Hopefully, we shall through the example, turn things around.

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