Atlas Routine

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Atlas Routine

Post by curdog » Sat Aug 14, 2010 3:42 pm

Since I have been doing the Perpetual Lesson for quite a while now, I recently added a new dimension to it, and I thought some of you might want to try it out, so I will share it with you.

I continue to do the Perpetual Lesson, but I also regularly review the exercises and lessons from the rest of the course. It goes like this:
Monday - Review Lessons 1-2 (Do some of exercises along with Perpetual Lesson)
Tuesday - Review Lessons 3-4 (ditto above)
Wednesday - Review Lessons 5-6 (ditto above)
Thursday - Review Lessons 7-8 (ditto above)
Friday - Review Lessons 9-10 (ditto above)
Saturday - Review Lesson 11-12 (ditto above)

This allows me to do a full body workout every day, while at the same time working out specific muscles at least once a week. This provides plenty of time for recovery.

It is amazing how much I continue to learn from Atlas. I see, or understand, something new every week.

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Re: Atlas Routine

Post by Bridge » Mon Aug 16, 2010 10:29 pm

Great routine, Curdog. The Atlas course truly is amazing in the way that every time you reread it, you learn something new. You can do many things with the course and adapt it to your goals and needs. I currently am doing the Perpetual Lesson every other day, and going for long walks on alternate days. I continually review the course, and from time to time do additional exercises from various lessons. I always do the fingers and wrist exercises, along with the facial exercises. The fingers and wrist exercises have helped me recover from broken wrists, and I guess the facial exercises are the reason I am so good looking! ;)

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