15 Disciplines of Atlas Mind

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15 Disciplines of Atlas Mind

Post by curdog » Wed Oct 13, 2010 1:05 pm

We often describe experiences we have with the Atlas physical exercises. I'm wondering how many of you have actually taken the regime Atlas defined and tried to master them. I call these the 15 Disciplines of the Atlas mind. I have memorized them and use them for good thoughts just before going to sleep. Also I think about them while I do my walk. I try to use them during my very stressful days. I have arranged them in an acrostic to aid memory:

A -- Avoid Anger, Assume Success
C -- Conquer worry, Control Self, Cultivate Happiness, Cultivate Hope
D -- Develop Courage
E -- Eliminate Fear, Exhibit Confidence
L -- Live Simply
M -- Maintain Buoyancy
O -- Omit Depression
S -- Shun Hate, Study Cheerfulness
T -- Think Health Yours

I don't know what an acdelmost is, but I can pronounce it and it aids memory.

To make this a regimine, I don't only go over the twice a day and try to use them, sometimes I get an insight into one of them and I record it in a notebook. For example, the difference between Cultivate Happiness and Cultivate Hope is that one expresses optimism for the present (happiness) and the other is optimism for the future. Another is that you cannot cultivate hope without assuming success. Another is that cultivating hope is a prerequisite to conquering worry.

I think Atlas is right. What good does it do to have a healthy body if you are not happy in it? Mental health is as important as physical health.

On our Atlas Certificates there are two pillars. You can think of one pillar as physical health, the other as mental/spiritual health. It the center, and up above it, is Atlas showing the way.

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Re: 15 Disciplines of Atlas Mind

Post by The_Shadow » Thu Jan 06, 2011 1:37 pm

really good post! I am going to use this myself. Thank you for working it out and sharing it!

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