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Mental Health Assessment

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 11:23 am
by ca_admin
What do you do today?
Did you get up feeling gloomy or happy?
If you got up feeling gloomy, breathe and then close your eyes. Look around you. Do you have the essentials? Food and Housing? If you do be thankful. Allow the feelings of sadness to ease a bit. Then look around you again. Is there anyone you can reach out to to help today?
If so put it into action. Help someone else today. It could take the focus off yourself. If you can't go see someone, then call them. If you can't call them then text them if you can. If you can't text them then write them a letter and either email or mail it. Sometimes just sitting down to write can take the focus away from yourself and look into what is more important.
Then after you help the other person take a mental note of what is around you. If you are still feeling down, exercise. If you can't exercise today then stretch. If you can't exercise or stretch then think health all around you. Think you will be healthy even if today you are not. Make sure you make your mental health as important as your physical health. Stay safe and be well.