It doesn't matter how big your opponent is. A small man who knows the tricks of Jujitsu can easily overpower a big man who's packed with brawn. Developed in the Orient, and kept a secret of the warrior class for hundred of years, Jujitsu and Karate enables you to render anyone helpless in a matter of minutes!

Knee Jolt
The Knee-Jolt is so deadly that it can easily dislocate your opponent's jaw.

  • Arm and Collar Hold with Outside Stroke.
  • Wrist Lock.
  • Arm Hold and Cross Buttock.
  • Arm Hold and Knee Stroke or "Knee-Jolt."
  • Arm and Collar Hold and Leg Stroke.
  • Head Twist.
  • Head Hold.
  • Release From Waist Hold.
  • Seven Places to Apply Nerve Pressure.
  • Arm and Collar Hold Across the Neck.
  • Arm and Coat Hold, Parts One and Two.
  • Arm and Collar Hold and Leg Lock.
  • The Thumb Twist, Parts One and Two.
Please note: These techiniques are not to be used to hurt or harm someone. They are for self-defense only.

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