Charles Atlas Has Been Busy Lately...
We are proud to mention a few highlights about CHARLES ATLAS which you may have seen or heard throughout the past years!

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"No Pain No Gain", a film inspired by Charles Atlas, will be coming soon.

Charles Atlas seen on Fit TV.

"Smithsonian" Feature article entitled "Muscle Man" How the original 97-pound weakling transformed himself into CHARLES ATLAS and brought the physical fitness movement to the masses. Click here to see it.
"Natural Body Building and Fitness " Feature article entitled "The Last Man Standing" CHARLES ATLAS Celebrates 85 Years. Click here to see it.
"Fortune" Feature article entitled "America The 97-lb weakling" used cartoons based on CHARLES ATLAS
Click here to see it.
"the value of continuity in advertising " was published by McGraw Hill. Click here to see what they had to say about CHARLES ATLAS.
The fifth edition of "America Now, Short Readings from Recent Periodicals" by Rober Atwan contained a few pages about Charles Atlas. Click here to view them.
"Brooklyn Bridge " magazines Not Forgotten column by Larry Deblinger ran an article entitled "Atlas Shrugged". You can view the article here.
"Excercise for Men Only" Article appeared entitled "Be Like Charles Atlas!" tauting the resurgence of DYNAMIC TENSION by today's young men! Click here to read it.
"Muscle Media Magazine" Feature article entitled "The Titans of Fitness" focused on CHARLES ATLAS, Arnold and Jack Lalaine. Click here to read it.
Alpha Books, publishers of "The Comlete Idiots Guide to Fitness" have included a section on Isometric excersie. Click here to it.
"New York Times" - Major feature entitled, "HEY SKINNY" CHARLES ATLAS LIVES- Name Packs Plenty Of Muscle" story with front page Metro Section. May 31st article spawned numerous stories in many major newspapers Worldwide Click here to read it.
"Fortune Small Business Magazine" featured Charles Atlas Ltd. in an article entitled, "CHARLES ATLAS LTD. FITNESS BUFF"
"Muscle Media Magazine" features Charles Atlas in the article entitled "Remembering Charles Atlas". You can download a pdf of the article here.

- "Charmed" will have a segment of the show in a comic book store. Look out for a CHARLES ATLAS ad in the window of the store.
Ellis Island's newsletter "Liberty Heights " included CHARLES ATLAS as its Famous Folks section on page four. Click here to it.
"The Torch" a monthly newspaper for the Smithsonian Institue recognized the donation of some papers by CHARLES ATLAS. You can read about it here.
"Time" magazine listed CHARLES ATLAS among its heroes and icons. Click here to see the article.
"Italian American Magazine" Click here to see the article.

"Reuters News Service Features"Article Published worldwide on the longevity of the Atlas System and the idea that, "Charles Atlas Lives!"

"New York Times" article on "Problem With Bullies" featured ATLAS CLASSIC AD. This led to a 2 Page Feature Article on CHARLES ATLAS TODAY!

Discovery Channel program called "The Ultimate 10" and did small segment on Charles Atlas, the man who inspired John Wooton to be one of today's most strongest men.

BRITISH BROADCASTING COMPANY (B.B.C.) Filmed Interview with Mr. Hogue, for a new documentary featuring the role played by Mr. Atlas and the Atlas Company in it's original program, "When Muscles Ruled The World!" This aired April 2002.

NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO interviewed Mr. Hogue about the popularity of CHARLES ATLAS and the success of the Atlas company.

The Joe Franklin Show in WOR New York City had CHARLES ATLAS President, MR. J.C. HOGUE as a guest. Mr. Franklin has asked that he return later for another appearence on this long running Radio Program

VARIOUS ARTICLES APPEARED IN PRINT, TV AND RADIO MEDIA about Charles Atlas in Detroit Free Press along with classic Atlas Print Ads that appeared in magazines or on the web:

1. Military trader
2. Big Reel
3. Discoveries
4. Boy's Life
5. The Old Farmers Almanac (2002)
6. Popular Science
7. Marvel
8. Dark Horse Comics
9. Atomic Magazine
10. ETrucker

Charles Atlas Ltd. is celebrating the 85th anniversery of the company in 2014. If you require additional information please contact Charles Atlas Ltd. Until then, we at Charles Atlas remain as always,

Yours In Perfect Strength & Health,
As We Pray For A Quick Victory and Lasting Peace!


Jeffrey C. Hogue